VKC Code of Ethics

As a member of THE VIRGINIA KENNEL CLUB, INC. I subscribe to the following CODE OF ETHICS:

I will:

  1. Keep health and welfare a priority in the breeding and selling of my breed(s).
  2. Breed only to improve my dogs to the standard of the breed(s).  I will breed mature, healthy, high quality representatives of the breed.
  3. Maintain high standards in the care of my dogs. Cleanliness in housing, quality veterinary care, and necessary immunizations shall be of a highest priority.
  4. Not use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising and will provide the purchaser with an accurate representation of the breed and an honest evaluation of the dog or puppy purchased or
  5. Comply with all American Kennel Club and National Kennel Clubs rules where they may pertain.
  6. Sell/place all dogs which are not show or breeding stock on a spay/neuter agreement and or limited registration.
  7. Refuse stud service to any bitch that is not AKC registered or that has faults detrimental to the breed in health or temperament.
  8. Not sell dogs to a commercial wholesaler or retailer or donate dogs to auctions, raffles, or research which is not under sponsorship of AKC/National Breed Clubs or Parent Clubs.
  9. Not sell to any buyer where there are not adequate facilities or where the dog or puppy will not receive proper care.
  10. Help buyers with advice or instruction for the life of the dog and pass on knowledge to novices interested in showing in conformation or obedience.
  11. Accept full responsibility while pursuing and awaiting alternate placement, for any dog I have sold/placed with any individual who no longer wants or is able to keep the dog, regardless of the reason.

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